Plant Population Field Trial

Grain Corn

Optimal planting population is influenced by a number of different factors. Typical planting populations in the area range from 30, 000 to 35, 000 seeds per acre. In this trial, five PRIDE Seeds hybrids are considered and evaluated at 4 different populations. 

The purpose of this trial was to determine profit potential of 5 different PRIDE Seeds hybrids at 4 different populations. 

Plot Background

Trial was planted on May 13th, west of Elmira, ON at Maple Bend Farm. Plot was harvested on October 29th and no fungicide was applied in season. 

For profit calculations, selling price was $4.75 and drying costs are $0.05 per point of moisture above 15% and seed cost was considered. 



This was the first year of testing for XP20090G2 and we look forward to seeing it in plots in 2021. Emergence was exceptional with early plant counts nearly equal to planting population. This hybrid has obvious flex in both length of ear and girth. In trials across zone 7, it was not hard to find XP20090G2 cobs with 20-22 kernel rows around. A strong starter fertility program will be important for this hybrid for large ears.

A6102G8 RIB 

A6102G8 tends to be a real racehorse hybrid. It will generally set a consistent ear size at all populations. In good growing conditions, plant population can be increased to chase top yields. In this trial, the field struggled with drought stress mid-summer which effected the highest population strips the most.

A5914G2 RIB

A5914G2 has good top end yield potential and tends to be great at handling late season stress. In this trial, A5914G2 was a little slower to emerge, but the overall stand was in line with the target plant populations. It is common to see flex in the ears of A5914G2 with the population pressure, so these results were not as expected. The heat and dry conditions in July could have limited the amount of flex in length that is possible with A5914G2.

A5404G2 RIB 

This new 2675CHU hybrid can really take advantage of good growing conditions and heavy management. The semi-flex ears on the hybrid produced a nice yield bump between 32 000 and 35 000 plants per acre however the tip back seen in the image indicates that there was additional yield left on the table. After 2020, we would not recommend moving A5404G2 too far south out of its ideal growing area and it is likely not advantageous to push populations on light, drought prone soils.

5383G8 RIB

Another new 2675 CHU from PRIDE Seeds with SmartStax technology. The ear tends to be more fixed and the plant has great defensive characteristics. Adaptable to a wide range of growing situations and management strategies. Able to push populations on high fertility ground.

Yield Performance


Typically, we would expect to see a population response curve rise as plant populations increase, level off and then begin to decline, so XP20090G2 is far from typical. We will be learning more about the quirks of this hybrid in 2021 test plots so stay tuned.

Click here for the PDF of this project and the rest of the PRIDE Seeds 2020 Agronomy Projects.